Jimmy Khan: Karachi Tour 2


Jimmy Khan, returned to Karachi with Salt Arts yet again for his second tour, and as a major contributor to our Southasia series. Jimmy is often described as a romantic, a melodious music maker who adopts narratives. As we re-examined Jimmy in year two, we saw an artist who is evolving and asking questions. Rooted in the folk tune, Jimmy represents the sweet stories of the land and questions the uncertainties with his song-writing and subjects.

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Jimmy's latest single 'Madam' is playful yet dark, and portrays Jimmy as the face of the humanist Southasian artist. We took inspiration from the classic Urdu nastaleeq of the album cover and gave the campaign an identity connected to the artist's work and evolution.

Jimmy + Salt Arts

At Salt Arts the creative process defines the work and the outcome. Our team works closely with the artists, understanding their music, mood, heartaches and happiness. We are thrilled to present our new series of live concert recordings, and we hope to share a bit of our backstage with our audiences. How we built the set, how the light bulbs were coloured - how Jimmy's tour become a family affair, the food we eat, the afternoons we spend making music and the festivities that unfold in warm kitchens. Touring with Salt Arts is not just about the performance or the ticket sales - artistic independence is our core value and hospitality is our priority. Our artists make up our community, our work is our core function and it is driven by our resolve to do something epic and love filled.



Khaula Jamil

Karachi-based photographer Khaula Jamil dropped by at the soundcheck to see Jimmy and his band.

It's interesting watching musicians do their sound checks. I remember with Ali Hamza, he was all over the place- instructing the sound crew, talking fast, moving around. I wondered if he would ever sit down and sing- and when he did he popped a ciggie in his mouth and went for it. Jimmy was pensive. And thoughtful. It was like the concert had already started in his head and he was watching himself on replay, wondering what he could have done differently. ~ Khaula Jamil

HeF Clothing

Salt Arts collaborated with HeF Clothing to create a limited edition Jimmy t-shirt for the tour.

Partners and Sponsors

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