Salt Arts, Jimmy Khan join forces for Karachi Tour 2

Singer-songwriter Jimmy Khan, having changed gears with his most recent release, the electrifying ‘Madam’ that narrates the struggle of the transgender community in Pakistan and marks a change of sound for the artist, is looking to build on the momentum that is following him post-release.

One case in point is his upcoming Karachi Tour 2 that is being presented by the good folks at Salt Arts. Having toured Karachi for the first time as part of a series of shows put together by Salt Arts last year, the two are joining forces again for another Karachi tour.

Khan, who hails from Lahore, will tour the city by the sea next month and will play two live shows. The first one, Salt Soiree 16 Ft. Jimmy Khan, is scheduled to take place on September 6 at Cotie Rotie. The second show will take place on September 9 at Alliance Francaise De Karachi.

In its post announcing the tour, Salt Arts rightly noted about Khan: “Jimmy is often described as a romantic, a melodious music maker who adopts narratives. As we re-examine Jimmy in year two, we see an artist who is evolving and asking questions.”

Our reason for endorsement comes from the fact that Salt Arts live shows have developed quite the reputation for ingenuity while Khan remains a compelling performer. Combined it’s a merger of music and ideas that shouldn’t be missed. Head over to Salt Arts’ Facebook page for ticket details.

–Maheen Sabeeh